Tell the federal government a new law is needed to protect Canadians’ free speech

For decades, Canadian charities have given voice to concerns of Canadians who want social progress, better health and a clean and safe environment. From laws banning smoking in public places and the creation of anti-drinking and driving laws, to reducing acid rain, these important measures and more were a result of charities voicing Canadians’ concerns.
But the rules around what charities can and cannot do are open to abuse due to ambiguous guidelines. This ambiguity led to the launch of harassing and costly audits of charities. If the laws aren’t changed, this could happen again. You can help! Take
action here.

Tell the federal government to keep its promise of creating a new law to protect your right to be heard through the charities you support.

The Minister of National Revenue is reviewing the rules under which charities can speak out in Canadian society. And the Minister wants to hear from you! But you only have until November 25th to make your voice heard.

Tell the federal government a new law is needed to give citizens a voice through charities they support and to enable charities to continue critical public policy work on issues that impact Canadians.

Doing so will ensure Canadians like you continue to have an avenue for voicing your concerns on issues that impact your daily life.
Will you stand with us and ask for a better and more just Canada?

Yours in defence of the environment and democracy,

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, Centre for Free Expression, Ecojustice, Ecology Action Centre, Environmental Defence, Équiterre, Friends of the Earth Canada, Greenpeace, KAIROS, Pembina Institute, Sierra Club Canada Foundation, United Steelworkers, Voices-Voix, West Coast Environmental Law and Wilderness Committee.