IPCC Report on Climate Change

We need leadership on climate. Now.

If you are like me, you are gripped by the stark reality painted by the IPCC announcement this past week.

You and millions of others around the world who fight every day to demand regulations and the phase out exploration, production and consumption of fossil fuels have been saying this for years.

It must stop.

The report is frightening. But it is also the reality.

While I write to you - at this very moment - one our most vital ocean ecosystems, the Gulf of St. Lawrence, is becoming a dead zone. Because we have altered our planet so drastically that ocean currents themselves are shifting. The IPCC Report makes it clear that now is the time to act. Lives of millions, including those of our children and grandchildren, are on the line. Not to mention those of thousands of other species.

Please sign this very brief and urgent message to our Prime Minister, and to the leaders of the major political parties in Canada.

This is a time for real leadership. Climate change can be solved, but not without courage and creativity. Nothing less will do.

Thank you for taking action - now more than ever before.

Gretchen Fitzgerald - National Program Director