Join Ethan Hawke - Help Save Right Whales and Save Our Gulf!


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The sound of whales singing is magical – but it is being drowned out by seismic blasting in the search for oil and gas. This can be devastating because whales use sound the way we use sight. Drowning out their sound is like blinding humans with light.

With only an estimated 360a North Atlantic right whales left, this is an environmental emergency.

That's why we are so pleased to have Ethan Hawke add his voice for whales and the precious Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Ethan's message is simple and clear: stop seismic blasting that threatens whales and other sea life. And keep seismic blasting and oil rigs out of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and out of their marine sanctuary in Canada's eastern offshore.

"I have a home in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and like most people, I have been in love with whales since I first discovered them when I was a little kid," says Ethan.

"I'm asking people to join with me to demand a stop to seismic blasting - before it is too late. I hope Canadians and people from across the globe will team up with us to protect the beautiful and irreplaceable Gulf of St. Lawrence and its whales from this mindless destruction."

We need your help to spread this message and to get our leaders to finally hear the deafening blasts that whales endure every single minute of every day when seismic blasting is happening. 

Please take action below and send your letter today.

With gratitude,

Gretchen Fitzgerald - National Programs Director