Letters Being Accepted on Inadequate Draft Right Whale Action Plan - Deadline August 9

Urgent Action - send your letter today.

The clock is ticking. We have until August 9th to comment on the draft Action Plan for the recovery of the North Atlantic Right whale, a document that outlines and prioritizes actions the federal government will take to protect this species.

.  .  .  .  .  

Without strong commitments, the North Atlantic right whale is on track to extinction.

With only around 400 individuals left, every single whale is vital to the continued survival of this species. Since 2017, scientists estimate we have lost 41 right whales – a staggering 10 percent of the population. We know remaining female right whales are not having young at the rates they used to, making recovery efforts even more crucial.

Of the only ten calves born this season, two of these nursing infants were mortally wounded by propeller and ship strikes. 

People from around the world have stepped up and called for Canada to ensure the survival of these  beloved whales. We had high hopes that this Action Plan would show the Canadian government’s commitment for the survival of the right whale. It doesn’t.

The Action Plan lacks a clear commitment that the Government will take action to prevent all human-caused deaths of right whales - a commitment needed to ensure the recovery of the species. It also fails to confront gaping holes in how the oil and gas industry is assessed and regulated in Atlantic Canada - leaving whales vulnerable to seismic blasting and the threat of oil spills in their habitat.

We need your voice and the voices of people from around the world to say this is not enough. That we cannot wait for the last right whale to make its final lonely call for our leaders to wake up – because then it will truly be too late.

Please call on the federal Ministers of Environment and Climate Change, Fisheries and Oceans and Transport to step up. We have seen in recent years that strong action will be taken if people speak out.

Let’s make sure we are getting heard!

Gretchen Fitzgerald
National Programs Director