McKenna Committs To Tougher Climate Targets - Let's Keep Them To Their Word - COP24

Let's say thank you. The let's keep them on track. #COP24

Your message is getting through!

After this fall's devastating IPPC report, which showed that unprecedented climate action is needed for a liveable planet, you called on the federal government to up its game on climate change.

Today, on her way to UN climate talks in Katowice, Poland, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna committed to tougher climate targets for Canada as part of Canada's Paris Agreement pledge, which comes into effect in 2020.

Right now, our climate targets are the same as they were under the Harper government and will not be adequate to meet the global imperative to keep warming at or below 1.5 degrees warming. And we are not even on track to meet these week targets.1

Much more needs to be done to shift our society away from fossil fuels and create a safe future for all, but please take a moment to celebrate being part of this massive, historic movement to literally save the planet. 

Thank you for taking action and for continuing to push, even in times when it is tempting to give up hope.

Please send a quick thank you note to Minister McKenna for making this important commitment, and to let her know you support ambitious climate action.

My thanks,

Gretchen Fitzgerald – National Program Director

1. Canada’s current target is to cut by 27%.