Canada not ready for shale gas

MEDIA RELEASE, May 1, 2014

OTTAWA -- The Canadian Council of Academies report: “Environmental Impacts of Shale Gas Extraction in Canada” concludes that much more needs to be known before allowing the rapid expansion of shale gas development across Canada. The government does not know enough to adequately protect Canadians from the potential environmental, health and socioeconomic impacts, the report found.

“We feel vindicated by this report. The Council looked at the issues and identified the same threats and lack of information we did,” said Sierra Club of Canada Foundation's John Bennett.

The report confirms that hydraulic fracturing (fracking) threatens ground water, surface water, increases local air pollution, leads to natural gas leaking in to the atmosphere, treads on Aboriginal rights and disrupts local communities.

“If only they had gone one step further and recommended a moratorium on fracking until all these unresolved issues are addressed,” said Gretchen Fitzgerald, Atlantic Director, Sierra Club of Canada Foundation.

Dr. David Wheeler, head of the Hydraulic Fracturing Review in Nova Scotia stated at a recent public meeting that he was really looking forward to receiving this information from the Council.

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