No place for climate deniers in government

Sierra Club Canada
Media Release, June 9, 2014

OTTAWA -- Sierra Club Canada is calling upon Tim Hudak's Ontario Progressive Conservative Party to clarify its position on climate change after Carleton-Mississippi Mills incumbent MPP Jack MacLaren denied climate change was “human-caused” or “man-made” at two local debates last week.

“Ontario is recognized for taking serious action on climate change by closing its coal-fired power plants," said Chris Ball, President of Sierra Club Canada. “Voters have a right to know if Mr. MacLaren’s climate change denying remarks are party policy.”

Mr. MacLaren made his remarks during two separate all-candidates’ meetings last week in the riding of Carleton-Mississippi Mills. To date, his party has made no attempt to clarify whether his opinion will inform policy should his party form the government after the election.

Sierra Club Canada is adamant that there is no room for science deniers in government.

“We need leaders who ensure science, especially climate science, forms the basis of government policy,” said Mr. Ball. "If the federal government's disastrous attitude towards dealing with the most critical environmental issue of our time is also reflected by the provincial Progressive Conservatives, Ontarians need to know.”


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