Re: Kemp Stanton's letter - NAFTA’s replacement must benefit people and the planet, not corporate polluters!

ReplaceNAFTANAFTA MUST BE BETTER! Send your letter today!

For too long, trade deals have been written to benefit the powerful few at the expense of people and the environment. Trade deals like NAFTA give corporate polluters new power, while undermining environmental and labor standards.

One NAFTA provision -- investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) -- empowers corporations to sue governments in private tribunals and demand payment of expected profits when communities succeed in rejecting environmentally destructive projects.

To make matters worse, NAFTA allows corporations to bypass our climate, air and water, and labor standards by offshoring production, jobs, and pollution to countries with lower standards. This race to the bottom harms communities throughout North America. 

To prioritize working people and our planet, the deal to replace NAFTA must be negotiated openly, eliminate special rights for corporations, and include strong and enforceable protections for workers, our air and water, and our climate.

Tell our government that the deal to replace NAFTA must benefit people and the planet!

Thank you for taking action.

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Bana Hamze - Responsible Trade Campaigner