No Big Oil Bailout When Canadians Need It More

Say No to Big Oil Bailout

Oil and gas companies want to use the COVID-19 emergency to receive a $15 Billion bailout – and our tax dollars could be put in their pockets in a matter of days.

This money should to go to workers, families, vulnerable communities – not the companies that will keep us from tackling the climate emergency.

We need to maximize resources for Indigenous communities and those hardest hit by this crisis: our health care workers and scientists, and those providing much-needed services like food systems and community programs for lower income households.

Some are comparing this bailout to the support received for car companies in 2009. The difference being that electric and hydrogen vehicle industries will be required to tackle climate change - while oil industry needs to ramp down, not ramp up. And the drop in oil prices shows how vulnerable relying on oil makes us.

Please write to Prime Minister Trudeau and Finance Minister Morneau to say “No” to bailing out oil and gas companies when Canadians need it more.

Thank You,

Gretchen Fitzgerald - National Programs Director