Nova Scotia Wide Petition to Ban Fracking

This Thanksgiving weekend marks the official launch of Sierra Club Canada - Atlantic Canada Chapter’s petition to ban hydraulic fracturing operations in Nova Scotia. The petition was launched at a public event outside the CORE All Energy Conference, coinciding with a “Town Hall” session led by Energy Ministers from PEI, NS, and NB.

The Petition Supporting a Legislated Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing for Natural Gas in Nova Scotia will run from October 7th to November 30th and will seek signatures from supporters of fresh, accessible water for present and future generations of Nova Scotians.

We're asking for your help in collecting signitures and ensuring that this petition campaign is successful.  Below you'll find a copy of the petition that we ask that you circulate amongst your community.

Also you'll find some informational tools we've developed.  One is a fact sheet that gives a good overview of the concerns with Fracking.  The other is a report on Fracking in Atlantic Canada including extensive references, copies of this report have already been sent to every MLA in the Maritime Provinces.  Feel free to use these tools to further your local anti-fracking campaigns.

We ask that you send signed petitions to our office by Nov 30, 2011

Sierra Club Atlantic

137-1657 Barrington Street

Halifax NS

B3J 2A1

For more information contact the petition coordinator at: