Keep It Blue: Protecting Our Gulf from Oil Drilling

You are invited to attend this important community event about our Gulf of St. Lawrence.  Nova Scotia, particularly the North Shore, and western Cape Breton, is dependent on the Gulf for renewable jobs in tourism and the fishing industry. As residents, the Gulf is central to our way of life. 

The Gulf of St. Lawrence is a semi-landlocked, inland sea and breeding area for over 2,000 marine species who spawn, nurse and migrate year around. Because the Gulf’s waters only exchange with the Atlantic once a year due to its counterclockwise currents, a spill could wash up on the coastlines of all five Atlantic provinces over the course of a year.

Currently, the Gulf has virtually no protection from the oil and gas industry. Corridor Resources has already done seismic blasting, and intends to drill exploratory wells 60 km from western Newfoundland within a year. It is highly unlikely that a pending strategic environmental assessment will stop them, but we need to speak out now!

Nova Scotia residents have shown courage in their efforts to bring a halt to shale gas exploration. 

To defend the Gulf, we need to collectively voice our opinions to our politicians, who do have the power to declare a moratorium on oil and gas exploration. This sends a powerful message to neighbouring provinces and to industry that drilling in the Gulf is not worth the risk. 

Come to this event to find out about this awe inspiring ecosystem, what's at stake, and how you can help protect our Gulf.

Please take the time to share this with family, neighbours, coastal landowners, boaters, tourism operators, and people involved in fishing. 

We ALL have a stake in protecting the Gulf. 

Media Release for Keep it Blue Events


Sunday, September 30

7:00 – 9:00 pm


225 Main St.


Sponsored by :

North Shore Chapter Council of Canadians


Sunrise Trail Development Cooperative


Tuesday.  Octpber 2

7:00 – 9:00 pm

Mabou Hall (St. Mary's Parish Hall) Main St.

Sponsored by: Inverness  County Chapter Council of Canadians

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