Land Use Plan Not Good Enough for Ontario

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October 31, 2016
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Sierra Club is an active member of the Ontario Greenbelt Alliance. When the Province's Land Use Planning Coordinated Review draft was published earlier this year it was quite a chore to analyse and respond to this lengthy document. In fact, the OGA's submission is 62 pages long! (Attached here as a PDF). Our submission contains 128 recommendations, focused on the 10 key priority areas of concern to our members. These 10 key areas include:

  • Grow the Greenbelt
  • Strengthen Natural Heritage Protection
  • Keep Greenbelt Boundaries Strong
  • Deal with Infrastructure and Aggregates
  • Support Ontario’s Agricultural Sector
  • Stop Sprawl & Build Smart and Complete Communities
  • Protect The GGH’s Water Sources
  • Address Climate Change
  • Improve Plan Policy Definitions & Related Provincial Policies
  • Overhaul Plan Implementation 
Please read the OGA's attached comments. The Province's Plan is far-reaching and the weaknesses identified by these conservation groups will certainly be played out in land-use conflicts for years to come. Be prepared!
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