Lindsay Boucher, Prairie Chapter Coordinator

Lindsay Boucher is the Prairie Chapter Coordinator with Sierra Club. She grew up in Edmonton spending a lot of time outdoors – whether it was camping, canoeing or simply finding nature in her own backyard. She graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in biology. There, she discovered a passion for preserving natural areas through learning of the impact of climate change and pollution on the environment. She has gained valuable insight doing research in oil toxicology, as well as water quality monitoring through the University of Alberta and environmental non-profit organizations. When she is not working, Lindsay enjoys swing dancing, snowboarding and walking through the Edmonton river valley.

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Paulina Retamales, Edmonton Area Wild Child Project Coordinator

Paulina Retamales is the Edmonton & Area Wild Child Project Coordinator. She has a Bachelor’s in Education from Chile, and a Master’s in Recreation & Leisure Studies from the University of Alberta.  She is an outdoor educator and trained Master Naturalist, with a strong environmental ethos and extensive experience working with children, youth and adults. Paulina has taught outdoor education courses for the past 10 years and feels passionate about connecting children to natural areas and encouraging others to be active participants of the outdoors. She is a proud mother of two children and enjoys spending time with them exploring the river valley.

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Jaclyn Layton, Prairie Chapter Intern

Jaclyn Layton is the Prairie Chapter Intern for the Sierra Club Canada Foundation. She was born and raised in Edmonton and has been exploring Alberta’s natural wonders all her life. She graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics – specifically environmental and development economics. She loves anything outdoor related – skiing, biking, hiking and camping are only a few. The time she has spent in the outdoors throughout her life has cultivated an intense passion for environmental responsibility and sustainability.

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Rachel Stefaniuk, Wild Child Educator

Rachel Stefaniuk is the Wild Child Educator for Sierra Club's Prairie Chapter. She is currently studying at the University of Alberta, completing a degree in Biology and Anthropology. When she’s not encouraging children to explore the environment around them, she is an avid hiker and enjoys exploring local restaurants across the city. Rachel will be working to develop and administer the Wild Child program in Edmonton and feels a strong passion for encouraging children to play outside, having grown up on a rural Alberta farm experiencing outdoor play her whole childhood. 

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