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At this moment, collective movements matter more than ever.

The fragility of our world – the pursuit of social and environmental justice, our inextricable bonds with the natural world, our reliance on each other, and a hope for a shared peace – has never before been more starkly revealed than right now.

As a Member of Sierra Club Canada Foundation, you will be part of a just and right movement to restore our natural ecosystems that sustain our planet.

It also means you will be part of the moral ecosystem that creates the kind of world in which we all want to live.

Sierra Club Canada Foundation endorses and recognizes that climate justice is social justice. I know you do, too.

Today, on World Environment Day and this Environment Week, we can celebrate all we have achieved together in pursuit of a peaceful world and a protected planet.

But we also must raise our hands in solidarity to show we recognize we have some distance to go – to restore a civil society that includes justice for species and spaces, and justice for those among us who have, too often, carried the burden of the battle weighted against them.

Join us as a member today, and together, let’s push for justice - for our oceans, our wild spaces, endangered species, and for each other.

Let’s stand in defense of the things that matter.

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