Great new product for the environment (yeah!)

We hear a lot of talk about sustainable products, but this week I'd like you to give a unique sustainable product a try.

First think of a mountain made of 134 million laundry detergent jugs (because that’s how many Canadians use every year). Yes, we can recycle them - but wouldn’t it be better to eliminate them completely. Then consider a company with a social conscience that works to support the planet and organizations like ours. A New Brunswick inventor has done just that with a product called Dizolve. I was impressed with the concept so I tried it. It certainly got the job done. It’s great, really.

Earth Day Action Alert: Protect Communities Downstream of the Tar Sands



Dear Friend,

On this Earth Day I am urging you to take a moment and help us fight for the protection of people living downstream of the Tar Sands. The health and well-being of these downstream communities, including Fort McMurray and Fort Chipewyan, has been sacrificed at the altar of economic-growth-at-all-costs.


UPDATE / March 20, 2014 -- U.S. delays moving armed convoys carrying nuclear waste through Ontario

One day soon, people in Ontario may spot an armed convoy passing through their town. Heavily armed guards will be protecting trucks carrying thousands of litres of radioactive waste containing highly enriched (weapons-grade) uranium in a toxic mixture of acid and countless other radioactive isotopes. It will be the most dangerous transport of nuclear waste ever attempted in Canada.

About The Atlantic Chapter

Sierra Club Atlantic is a vibrant grassroots organization that empowers people to protect, restore, and enjoy a healthy safe planet. We are your chapter of Canada’s only national grassroots environmental organization, working to bring your community’s concerns to the attention of regional and national leaders. Together, we are a credible, influential voice, working to make a better world a reality.

What are we up to?

The Atlantic Chapter works through education and action to green the economy and protect the environment. We engage in projects designed to connect children to nature, protect wildlife and wild spaces, and to offer solutions to climate change.

Call for Board Nominations 2014

Calling all Candidates!

The Sierra Club Canada Foundation (SCCF) Board of Directors is expanding this year. There will be 12 elected members in two categories: 6 members-at-large and a representative from each of our 5 regions: Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, Prairies and British Columbia, plus one seat from the Youth Coalition.

Each year, one half of Board members are elected for a 2-year term. Candidates must be at least 18 years of age. 

We are looking for candidates with non-profit board experience, fundraising experience, knowledge of environmental issues and time to dedicate to the governance of this influential national charity.

Suspension of Drilling Project in Gulf Should Lead to Moratorium, According to Sierra Club, SOSS

Halifax, NS - Sierra Club Canada Foundation and Save Our Seas and Shores (SOSS) are celebrating the protection of the Gulf of St. Lawrence as oil company Corridor Resources announced yesterday it is suspending work on its Old Harry lease in the middle of the Gulf.