Oil Spill Shows We Are Not Prepared For Disasters At Sea

Sierra Club of Canada Media Release


Oil Spill Shows We Are Not Prepared For Disasters At Sea

November 17, 2018

Halifax, NS - An oil spill of an estimated 250,000 litres of crude oil in 7 metre seas shows we are lax in regulating our offshore. 

“Husky Oil is reporting they are unable to confirm extent of spill, never mind try and clean it up - a virtually impossible task in 7 metre seas. Our leaders are claiming this is world-class regulation. I think this spill shows we are far from that standard, says Gretchen Fitzgerald, National Program Director for Sierra Club Canada Foundation.

Estimates of the amount of oil spilled already surpasses the last worst oil spill in Newfoundland offshore, the Terra Nova spill of 2004.

“Clearly we are not learning from past mistakes. This same operation had a near miss with an iceberg last spring. One would have thought there would be extra vigilance given this recent history. Instead, oil transfer from the rig was attempted one day after record-breaking waves shook the coast of Newfoundland.”

Fitzgerald adds, “Safe clean-up and assessment of damage must be top priority. Afterward, our federal leader must put our offshore regulations under the microscope. One hundred new wells are planned for this region. We simply can’t afford to continue this way when so much is at stake.”



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