Coal Fire Plant Phase Out [Archived]

In Ontario, coal power plants supply approximately 10% of the energy used to power factories, homes and businesses. However, the negative environmental effects of burning coal are well known: increasing CO2 and methane concentrations in the atmosphere and release of toxic heavy metals.

There are also the costs of removing coal from the earth. The mining of coal causes a list of environmental and health concerns: CO2 released from mining trucks and cranes, heavy metal contaminants (uranium and selenium) leading to increased cancer rates, impact on water flow which can lead to flooding, and destruction of wildlife habitats. Mountain Top Removal is a huge issue which the Sierra club in West Virginia is working on right now. Read more about MTR here

The Ontario government has committed to shutting these polluters down but the date for accomplishing this has been moved out to 2014. Dan McDermott, our former Chapter Director, is striving to ensure that this becomes a reality.To be of assistance with this important campaign a prospective volunteer must be highly informed about coal fire plant regulation and policy and have some relevant practical experience.

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