It’s Time to Vote Like Your Environmental Values Matter!

What does it take to get you out to vote?

Election Day is October 19. After the longest election campaign in the country’s modern history, you probably know people who’ve tuned out the attack ads, the mud-slinging, and the daily barrage of polls and decided not to bother voting.

You’re probably not one of them.

But if you know anyone who doesn’t plan to vote, you know they’re making a big mistake. And you can help them correct it.

Election Results Matter

Pick an issue, any issue. Pick the topic that first brought you to the Sierra Club. Whatever you’re most concerned about, the federal government probably has an impact, for good or for ill.

Are you interested in wildlife and wild lands?

Bees? The Gulf of St. Lawrence?


Clean energy?

If everyone who’s passionate about the environment casts a ballot, together we can make a difference.

Turning the Numbers Around

Only six in 10 Canadians voted in the last federal election in 2011. That’s down from 70% just two decades ago.

This time, there’s a big push to turn the numbers around.

Blockbuster comedian Rick Mercer is touring Canadian campuses, telling students they can change the country if they vote.

First Nations Elders are getting out to vote—some of them for the first time—and urging everyone else in their communities to do the same.

And thanks to a partnership between CBC News and Google, you can #PledgeToVote and turn up the heat on your friends, family, and social networks to do the same.

Take the Pledge

It’s a sweet, simple system. You visit the #PledgeToVote website. You pick your reason to vote (options include environment, energy, and civic duty, among others). You add your own details (up to 100 characters).

Then, if you want, you add your first name and postal code, and post the results to Pinterest.

And here’s the most important part. On October 19, you get out and vote. Bring along a friend. Bring two or three. And on your way to the polling station, tell them why it’s so important to you to vote and make a difference.

IMPORTANT: Election rules have changed in the last four years. Visit Elections Canada’s Ready to Vote site today to make sure you’re on the voters’ list!

Sierra is rising! We are getting ready to ensure Canada pursues a truly sustainable agenda once the election is over. But, we can't do it without your support. Please consider making a donation today.


Diane Beckett
Interim Executive Director
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