Environmental groups in court to intervene in NAFTA tribunal overstep

-- NAFTA tribunal exceeded its jurisdiction when it made determination on what a Canadian environmental assessment panel can decide, groups say --

We are in federal court this week in Ottawa to ensure that original environmental assessments hold related to a US company wanting to set up quarry operations on the pristine shores of Digby Neck, Nova Scotia, in the the Bay of Fundy - home to critcally endangered right whales, important marine species, and upon which thousands of people make their lives and their livelihoods.

The case itself relates to what is known as the "investor-state dispute settlement" mechanism, whereby foreign companies can sue a NAFTA signatory for compensation - in this case Canada - should the company feel they are entitled, under NAFTA's Chapter 11. The company in this case, Bilcon of Delaware, is claiming $500M in damages against Canada, that would - if awarded - be paid out with Canadian tax payer dollars.

Here's our official press release and the backgrounder of this important case that relates to the health of our sensitive eco-systems and our very sovereignty as a nation.