Sierra Club Atlantic Volunteer Application Form

Publication Date: 
November 16, 2010

Please copy and paste the form below and email, fax or mail it to our Halifax office:

Sierra Club Canada - Atlantic Canada Chapter

1657 Barrington St., Suite 137

Halifax, Nova Scotia

B3J 2A1

Tel.: 902-444-3113

Fax:: 902-444-3116



If you are unsure about any of the questions in the form, please contact us at 902-444-3113.  




I want to be a member of the Sierra Club Volunteer Crew.  Sign me up.



Address:                                                                                            Postal Code:


Home Phone:                                                                                 Business Phone:




Contact in case of emergency:


I am currently a member of Sierra Club of Canada  

Are you?:

A Student?                If so, what is your area of study:                                 Full or Part time?   F/P

Employed or Retired?                  Employer:  __________________                   Position Held:  _________________


A high school diploma     A college degree     A university degree      Other? 


My volunteer experience includes:




The skills that I have include:



I am interested to volunteer with the Sierra Club because:



The types of volunteer work I would like to do include:


Advocacy (e.g. writing letters to/meeting with politicians)                  ☐ Public speaking, giving presentations

Research/prep for upcoming campaigns                                            Helping around the office (e.g. folding, filing)

Governance (e.g. sitting on a committee)                                               ☐ Writingfor The Sandpiper (Sierra Club publication)

Outreach (e.g. calling members to renew, staffing a booth)                ☐ Social Mediaand Communications

Fundraising (e.g. hosting a party)                                                          ☐ Organize Special Events 

Volunteer Crew (attending and supporting events)                            ☐ Volunteer Coordination



My preferred volunteer times are:

☐Weekdays                 ☐ Weekends          ☐ Mornings            ☐ Afternoons         ☐ Evenings


I would prefer to volunteer:

☐ A few hours a week                                   ☐ A few hours a month                       ☐ Ongoing, when needed


Other skills I have to offer as a volunteer include:

☐ Event Planning          ☐ Fundraising      ☐ Website             ☐ Art/Creative       ☐ Campaigning    ☐ Other (tell us):


Have you been convicted of a criminal offence.               Yes ☐   No




My priorities for working for the environment is:  (check one or more)



☐Oil and Gas Issues

☐Endangered Species

☐Climate Change

 Renewable Energy

 Sustainable Forestry

 Protected Areas

 Sustainable Fisheries

 Hiking, recreation

 Sustainable Agriculture

 Mining Issues

 Pesticides



 Environmental Law

 Air quality issues

 Biotechnology

 Ecotourism

 Nuclear Power

 Environmental Education

 Environmental Health

 Marine Issues

 Coastal Issues

 Land Management

 Waste

 Water Quality

Hazardous Waste





My suggestions and ideas for the Sierra Club include:                                                                              













Thanks for your interest!  We’ll be in touch with you soon.




This information is being collected under the authority of Section 33C of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act for the purpose of recruiting volunteers.


Contact Gretchen at the SCC-ACC Office if you have any questions 444-3113



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