Black Point (AKA Fogarty's Cove) Quarry Impacts - Survey for Round 2 of Consultations for Environmental Assessment

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February 1, 2016

The results of the Environmental Assessment for the Black Point Quarry are now available here, and comments are due Feb 3rd! We want your response! 

You can indicate if you wish to remain anonymous or if you would like your name included in our report to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency.

We want to know what impacts are or are not addressed, or if there are impacts you feel cannot be addressed properly through mitigation measures. Please download our survey below, answer the questions and send your response to or call 902-444-7096 and we can do they survey over the phone.

The draft of the Environmental Assessmment Report states as follows:

“The Project's main potential environmental effects in areas of federal jurisdiction are:

  • effects on marine fish from loss of habitat, and physical injury or mortality;

  • disturbance of marine mammals from blasting and underwater noise;

  • disturbance of migratory birds and species at risk, their eggs and their nests;

  • removal of habitat for migratory birds and terrestrial species at risk;

  • reduced access to commercial fishing activities; and

  • effects on Aboriginal use of lands and resources.

The proponent's project plan and design incorporates mitigation measures to eliminate, reduce or control the adverse effects of the Project. Key measures identified by the Agency to mitigate effects considered in this environmental assessment include:

  • conducting work in accordance with timing windows for migratory birds and marine aquatic species, or identifying additional mitigation measures outside of preferred timing windows;

  • implementing measures to mitigate noise and light disturbance to migratory birds, marine aquatic species and humans;

  • implementing a fisheries offsetting plan; and

  • establishing measures to handle and manage archaeological and historical resources.

The Agency identified several potential or established Aboriginal or Treaty rights that could potentially be affected by the Project, including: fishing, hunting, trapping, and plant harvesting. The Agency believes that the mitigation measures outlined in this report would accommodate these potential impacts.

Key mitigation and follow-up measures are recommended as potential conditions for inclusion in the Minister of the Environment's Environmental Assessment Decision Statement. Conditions accepted by the Minister will become legally binding on the proponent if the Minister ultimately issues a decision statement indicating that the Project may proceed.

The Agency concludes that the Black Point Quarry Project is not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects, taking into account the implementation of the recommended mitigation measures. This Draft Environmental Assessment Report will be finalized following public and Aboriginal consultation and submitted to the Minister of the Environment for consideration in formulating her environmental assessment decisions.”

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