Land Use Plan Not Good Enough for Ontario

Publication Date: 
October 31, 2016

Sierra Club is an active member of the Ontario Greenbelt Alliance. When the Province's Land Use Planning Coordinated Review draft was published earlier this year it was quite a chore to analyse and respond to this lengthy document. In fact, the OGA's submission is 62 pages long! (Attached here as a PDF). Our submission contains 128 recommendations, focused on the 10 key priority areas of concern to our members. These 10 key areas include:

  • Grow the Greenbelt
  • Strengthen Natural Heritage Protection
  • Keep Greenbelt Boundaries Strong
  • Deal with Infrastructure and Aggregates
  • Support Ontario’s Agricultural Sector
  • Stop Sprawl & Build Smart and Complete Communities
  • Protect The GGH’s Water Sources
  • Address Climate Change
  • Improve Plan Policy Definitions & Related Provincial Policies
  • Overhaul Plan Implementation 
Please read the OGA's attached comments. The Province's Plan is far-reaching and the weaknesses identified by these conservation groups will certainly be played out in land-use conflicts for years to come. Be prepared!
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