Saddest news.

It’s unimaginable, but we’ve just lost another endangered right whale.

This is the 8th whale found dead in only the last few weeks. That’s 1% of the entire estimated population - gone.

We need to find and demand solutions to save the remaining few. Time is critical and time is running out.

Their only hope rests with you and me.

I’d like to ask you to do two things today to help protect these endangered whales.

  1. If you can manage it, please make a donation in support of our challenging work to protect and defend right whales, blue whales and their home in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The work we do requires resources, and we need your help to campaign to save these magnificent giants.
  2. Please sign this letter addressed to the Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Coast Guard demanding that no proposed oil and gas exploration take place in the Laurentian Channel in the Gulf.

We won’t know until next week – once the necropsy has been completed – the specific cause of death for this beautiful one. We do know from the other deaths this month that these whales are being struck and mortally wounded by ships, or they have been entangled in fishing gear.

Either way, it’s an agonizing death for each of these whales. Either way, no whale should have to die like this.

I admit, my heart is breaking and my eyes have wept. But I know that we just need to move forward, and urgently. Let’s push to send the strongest possible message that these whales need every fighting chance to survive.

We ask much of you, and you are always there to answer the call.Make your donation to save right whales here.

Thank you for all that you do to help protect these irreplaceable whales.


Melissa Munro

Director of Development and Communications

Sierra Club Canada Foundation