Stop the Destruction of Green Heron Nesting Area in Montreal's Technoparc

Help protect nesting green herons in Montreal!

Green Heron

Our nesting friends in Montreal need your help!

An extraordinary wetlands area thrives in Technoparc on the island of Montreal. The Technoparc Wetlands Complex is the last remaining wetlands in Montreal. It is home to more than 172 species, including migratory birds and the Least Bittern, a species listed as threatened in Canada's Species At Risk Act. It also has the remarkable distinction of being home to four heron species alone.

At any moment - in the name of further development on this site, an investor is going to start cutting down trees and destroying a specific area in the wetland exactly where green herons are nesting.

We have to fight this and our Quebec Chapter needs your help. Great Egrets and Black-crowned Night-heron

Please sign your letter to Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante today and let her know that the rest of Canada is watching, and willing to voice their opposition.

Please help us fight the planned disruption of the green heron nesting area.

We must do everything we can to stop any further damage to this important and irreplaceable wetland.

Thank you,

Dr. Isabelle-Anne Bisson - Co-Chair

Sierra Club Quebec

Board Member, Sierra Club Canada Foundation

Virginia Rails adult and youngSpecial acknowledgement to Chuck Kling for his beautiful images of the birds of Technoparc.