You likely recall the joyous news in the new year at the safe arrival of seven right whale newborns (see the photo album of the 2019 Calves below.)

It was extraordinary news, given that not one baby had been born the year before.

But we find ourselves facing the devastating reality that eight critically important right whales have died in Canadian waters this summer. 

It means these new little lives must be protected on an emergency basis.

I fear for their safety, at such a precarious time in their first precious year of life.

At only 7 months, these calves are still nursing and will be for up to 2 years. In addition to life-sustaining mother's milk, they need their mothers for protection from predators, and to learn the basics of survival such as how to navigate, find food and how to communicate with other whales.

If any of these mothers are mortally wounded, it will spell death for her calf.

You and I are invested in these whales. We know some of them by name, we track their updates when they are migrating, we follow news about them when they are in crisis, such as an entanglement or an injury or illness.

Click here to make your Emergency donation.We feel responsible for them. And we really are, aren't we? Because if it's not us, then who will protect them?

Would you make an Emergency Donation today to help us protect these beautiful whales?

Our team is ramping up campaign actions to protect them. They need our help now. And we must also continue to fight to protect their home in the Gulf of St. Lawrence so that it can sustain life.

We ask much of you and you always respond.

Your gifts of support make a real difference and allow us to do the work you rely on us to do. I hope you can make a special gift to save these special mother and calf pairs from harm.

Thank you for keeping these whales close to your heart,

Gretchen Fitzgerald
National Program Director 

Right whale #2791

right whale #3317

right whale #1204

Boomerang and calf

right whale #4180

right whale #3370

Pico and calf