Spring cleaning is upon us!

It's time to refresh and renew! And a great time to replace or purchase your first set of ULAT Dryer Balls.

These dryer balls are perfect for reducing drying time and energy use. And they are also non-toxic to people and the environment.

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How they work:

  • The soft air pockets within each ball allow for the moisture to be absorbed during the load.
  • During the load, the three balls loft and provide better air circulation to assist in decreasing fabric wrinkles. They are perfect for your natural fibres.
  • Pet hair removal on fabrics is also possible as the wool dryer balls collect unwanted natural fibre lint onto the balls.
  • ULAT Dryer Balls last a minimum of 100 loads per household.  Most customers will purchase annually while others purchase every couple of years.ULAT Dryer Balls video
  • Healthy scented laundry is achieved with ULAT Dryer Balls by simply adding a few drops of pure essential oils. The wool absorbs the oil and transfers the scent directly to the fabrics resulting in chemical free laundry. 

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And be sure to scroll down and choose the Sierra purchase option.

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For every purchase you make, ULAT Dryer Balls makes a 10% donation to Sierra Club Canada Foundation!

100% Canadian. 100% amazing.

Happy Laundering.