Dan McDermott

Chapter Director

Dan McDermott became the first Director of Sierra Club Eastern Canada Chapter, the predecessor to Sierra Club Ontario (SCO) in May 2000.  He brought to the Chapter years of experience as an environmental campaigner and administrator. Dan’s campaigning history includes a wide array of issues.  He joined Sierra Club in 1998 campaigning to phase out Ontario coal-fired electricity generators.  Dan has worked to develop key SCO campaigns such as Car Free Day, Challenge to Sprawl and Great Lakes/Water as the core programs of the Chapter.


Honouring Bob Hunter’s Legacy-The Robert Hunter Memorial Lecture

John Bennett and I have shared a lot of experiences over our forty years of environmental collaboration. Our friendship with Bob Hunter was an important one for us both. We were pleased and honoured to be asked by the Hunter Family to give the year’s lecture on Thursday April 14th at the University of Toronto.