Water Conservation Challenge -- 25 L/day! (Day 1)

I've decided that, if I'm going to talk about water efficiency and conservation, I should walk the talk and, you know, challenge myself every once and a while. The average Canadian uses a whopping 329 Litres of water per day --to use a tangible comparison, this is the equivalent of 658 water bottles (though bottled water is, or course, terrible for the environment). We are, next to Americans, the worst water wasters in the world. Europeans use an average of 150 Litres per capita per day (Lpcd), and we're over double that! I've decided to take part in the 25 Litre water challenge --that is, cut my daily water usage so it amounts to 25 L or less every day for the month of March, while still remaining hygienic and un-smelly. :) For more info and to follow my progress on this challenge, check out my blog at http://sierraclub.ca/blog/water