Welcome home blue whales!

I'm devastated to report that the licence for oil and gas drilling has been approved in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and there’s not one thing whales can do to stop it.

We're not giving up and neither are they.

At this very moment – mile by mile, heading north – they’re coming back.

Over the next few weeks, blue whales will be making their way back to Canadian waters.

It’s a brave and often perilous journey.  But they do it because their ancient DNA tells them to come north, as they have for millennia.

While some of these whales have been south this winter, you and I have been working to keep their northern waters safe.

We have been fighting to save the remaining 250 mature individuals in our North Atlantic population – each one of whom needs to survive in order for this group to make it. Each one a critical link to any future newborns who will then, in turn, help keep their species from going extinct.

But they are running out of time.

And once they are gone, they are gone.

In that spirit, our President David Snider has stepped up with a donation of up to $3,000 and he will match YOUR gift dollar for dollar!

So please join us as a champion for blue whales by making a donation in support of The Blue Whale Project!

Right now, we are re-doubling our efforts to save these humble giants. Our Blue Whale Project will push for greater protection of their home in the Gulf of St. Lawrence by fighting back against reckless oil and gas development and working to ensure they receive the protections warranted by their endangered status. Click the tail and help save blue whales!

We will be mobilizing people across Canada and the world to step up, make their voices heard and demand protection for blues. Stayed tuned for a big announcement about our critical next steps to protect blue whales - we're taking this one to the highest levels.

You can’t simply relocate a blue whale. There are no temporary living arrangements that can be made. Their home is in the Gulf. Let’s do what needs to be done to protect it.

Let’s give them a huge “WELCOME HOME!” Please stand with blue whales today – they need your support.

Many thanks,

Gretchen Fitzgerald - National Program Director

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