COVID-19 & Wild Child Together Apart: Online Resources

We will be following all public health, school, and childcare advice regarding COVID-19 in order to do our part to limit the spread of the virus. You can read Sierra Club Canada Foundation Community Care Policy here (

Staying Connected to Nature Together Apart
We fundamentally feel that staying in touch with distance learning opportunities for teachers and families is more important than ever. Our Wild Child team has been developing a unique online platform designed to allow students to build a relationship with nature with their families from home (e.g. weekly videos, online resources such as a blog and printable materials), and at the same time reduce isolation by providing families an opportunity to feel part of a community.

This online platform is available with resources below ( and on Youtube (

Program Updates
Please note there have been changes to our in-person programs per region.
For Wild Child Edmonton and Area:
• all ECO-Buddies programs are cancelled
• all Nature Immersion programs are cancelled
• Spring Forest School are cancelled
• Summer Forest School pending

For Wild Child PEI:
• All programs prior to May 11 are cancelled
• All programs after May 11 are pending

If we have to cancel, families affected will receive a refund for any programs missed, minus an administrative fee of $25. We will attempt to re-schedule any cancelled programs when safe to do so.


Wild Child Videos

Visit our Wild Child Youtube channel for regular updates!

Eco-Buddies Resources

Other Wild Child Resources

Story stones are a collection of small stones with pictures on them that can be used as storytelling prompts.

How to make Story Stones:
1. Go for a nature walk and pick up stones.
2. Lay them out and pick your favorite color/sizes.
3. Remove all the dirt from the stones.
4. Draw pictures on one side of your stones
5. Colour each stone with a permanent marker or paint
6. Once your stones are ready it’s time to tell a story!  
Story Stones
Encouraging biodiversity is good for the ecological balance in the garden. Giving these Insects a home can help your garden to prosper and help the conservation of vital wildlife.

How to make a BUG HOTEL:
1. Go for a nature walk and pick up sticks, pine cones, bark, twigs, bamboo canes, plant stems, etc.
2. Find string or twine to hang your bug hotel from a tree.
3. Find a plastic bottle. Cut the top and bottom off the bottle to make a casing.
4. Find 2-3 empty toilet paper rolls.
5. Start layering your bug hotel. Check what materials you have and arrange by size and texture, and arrange pine cones inside the empty toilet paper rolls.
6. Hang your Bug Hotel in a sunny spot in your garden.
7. Wait to see who moves in the Bug Hotel over the next few weeks!  
Bug Hotel
For more fun activities like the above: WILD CHILD ACTIVITIES

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