Wild Child COVID-19 Response Policy

Sierra Club Canada Foundation Community Care Policy as of March 16, 2020

We will be following all public health, school, and childcare advice regarding COVID-19 in order to do our part to limit the spread of the virus. 

Please note, although we have not been affected so far by the COVID-19, our programswill be cancelled immediatelyif recommended by public health officials or if our staff people or participants' families report COVID-19 symptoms.

If we have to cancel, families affected will receive a refund for any programs missed, minus an administrative fee of $25. 

We will attempt to re-schedule any cancelled programs when safe to do so.


Parents and Families

Ifyou or anyone in your residencehas been travelling out of the countrytwo weeksbefore the start date of a programorare returning from international travelat any timeduring program delivery,your child/children arenot eligibleto attend Wild Child programs.

We will be adding this requirement to our liability waiver for new registrants and sending a special message to those already signed up to ensure they are aware of and commit to following this policy.

For those already registered,we will provide 100% refund if this policy results in your Wild One(s) being ineligible to participate in our programs. 


Our Staff and Volunteers

Like all of us, our staff are being asked to monitor their health. They will be required to self-quarantine (not interacting with public) for two weeks if they experience any  symptoms of COVID-19. 

If staff person or any person in their residence has travelled outside the country, they will be removed from program delivery for two weeks following their return from travel to allow for self-monitoring.

We will inform parents and families immediately if a staff person or Wild Child participant or anyone in their circle reports symptoms, andwill immediately inform families and cancel program delivery. We will also follow any other procedures,as directed by public health officials.

If we have to cancel, families affected will receive a refund for any programs missed, minus an administrative fee of $25.

Program Delivery Policy to Limit Risk

We recommend everyone be familiar with Health Canada’s best practices (in English, en Francais).

All of our programs inside of school and childcare settings will be meeting the requirements of school and childcare facilities to limit the risk of spread.

In our Wild Child programs that are not part of school and childcare facilities, we will take the following steps to limit the spread;

  • all families must commit to adhering to the above travel policy
  • alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be applied at the start and at the end of programs, as well as any time required for other sanitary reasons (e.g. after using the washroom, before snacks, etc.) .*
  • we will use single-use wipes and tissues for hygiene and clean-ups
  • children will be reminded to avoid touching their eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands

* Soap, warm water, and good handwashing technique is the preferred method to keep hands clean, but this is not always possible in outdoor settings where we deliver Wild Child.


Links to Province-specific measures and advice:



Nova Scotia: