Your $10 Can Save 400 Whales

At this very moment, whale mother and calf pairs are heading north to their Canadian home waters.

It’s a perilous time for them, both for the journey north itself, and for what awaits them when they arrive in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Right whales are on the brink. Sierra Club Canada Foundation has been at the forefront in the fight to protect them. We know when proper measures are put in place, whales are protected and fewer whales will die. You can help save the 400 remaining right whales.

We can’t have another summer of losses like we did last year.

Please make a special gift today and help us reach our goal of raising $10,000.

Your gift today will help:

·     keep us in the courtroom and fighting at the highest levels

·     mobilize thousands of Canadians to take action

·     pressure government to enforce existing law

·     provide the necessary resources to push for urgent measures to keep whales and their calves safe from injury and death, such as implementing permanent vessel slow-down zones and use of ropeless gear

·     and now, more than ever before, achieve a moratorium on offshore oil and gas development.

Your gift today can make all the difference in saving the lives of these magnificent whales.

Melissa Munro
Director of Development and Communications
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Right whale 3560 and calf