Your Gift Can Help Save Baby Blues - And We're Going Back To Court To Do It!

And we're going back to court to protect them!

In just a few weeks, I return to the courtroom with our legal team to fight a final phase of a court challenge to protect the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Our first appearance last December was to simply be given “standing”, (meaning a judge would first have to decide if we could even be heard in the larger, future battle to fight the re-issuance of an oil company’s licence that had expired.) And we won that one!

But this next phase is make-or-break for the Gulf, and we'll be arguing directly about the validity of the oil licence.

It’s going to be a big battle. Your donation today can us help us win.

The Gulf is home to the largest animal in the world – the blue whale. There are only 250 adult whales remaining - an incredibly low number.

But my heart was lifted this summer when, after no reports of babies for nine years, seven new calves were spotted with their mothers in the Gulf – all healthy and doing well.

If these whales – with threats coming at them from so many directions – can fight to stay alive and produce babies under such stress, then I am all the more hopeful that with your help, our big blues can begin the slow phase of population recovery.

These seven new baby blues are their future. Let's do everything we can to keep them out of harm's way.

I would be grateful for your donation today in support of our work to defend The Gulf and so many other places we fight for each and every day.

Sending you every good wish for a peaceful and safe new year. Please stay in touch in with me.

Gretchen Fitzgerald - National Program Director

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