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Urban Forest Questions for HRM Candidates - List of Responding Candidates

Halifax Diverse has been active in urban environmental stewardship for four years and we understand the importance of a healthy urban forest to thriving cities. With the upcoming municipal election (online now and at the polls on October 15), we wanted to find out if all candidates plan to be good urban forest stewards. We asked the same nine questions of all 56 municipal candidates and 27 replied.

Why Trees Matter

Have you noticed the drastic transformation that is underway in our city? How and why it happens is complex however well understood, but it is clearly a sign of the times – May, to be specific. If you are lucky enough to see a tree out of your window, you might notice it is finally coming to life after a long winter’s sleep. Some trees start sooner than others and our city’s dominant Norway maple population is one of the first to reanimate. The end result is an annual inevitability, the urban canopy weaving through our neighbourhoods restored to its full, luscious glory.