Thanks for howling with the wolves!

Dear Friends,

Thank you for standing up against the flawed plan to slaughter wolves to 'protect'  Woodland Caribou. We collected almost 3000 endorsements of our official response in just 4 days! Government officials have been overwhelmed by the outcry from Canadians and people around world.

This is not a numbers game—we are raising significant scientific issues that cannot be ignored by government and we need your help to do more.

Sierra Club Canada’s decades-long work fighting for the protection of endangered species has earned it a seat on Species At Risk Act (SARA) Advisory Committee. With your help, we intend to take maximum advantage of this privilege.

It's time to force government to change its approach to protect all species in Canada based on real science.

Effective advocacy means having the right people in the right places at the right times. With your help, we'll be equipped to participate fully at the SARA table, pushing hard for a science-based plan that protects and restores the caribou's badly degraded habitat, not scapegoats wolves.

Unmitigated, unsustainable growth of the Tar Sands is what’s killing off Alberta's caribou. Killing wolves is not a solution.

Wolves have been the victim of human prejudice and ignorance for too long. With your help we will seek to rewrite the plan so that all species live and thrive.

Help get Canada a comprehensive, science-based, precautionary recovery plan for the Woodland Caribou, a true model for caribou herds and all species right across the country.

If you've donated already or you can't just now – thanks and please stay connected! On the other hand, if you are able, please contribute today.

Wolves have been the victim of human prejudice and ignorance for too long. How many have to die before we learn killing more isn't the solution?

In solidarity,

John Bennett, Executive Director
Sierra Club Canada

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