Hungry for Climate Leadership

Climate Fast on Parliament Hill

On Wednesday September 25, 2012, five members of Sierra Club Canada joined the group Hungry for Climate Leadership on Parliament Hill in solidarity with their 12-Day Fast for Climate Change (seven climate activists began their fast on September 21st and will continue to fast until October 2nd).

Leader of the Green Party of Canada Elizabeth May, who is fasting for five days in solidarity with the group, also came to show her support and sign the pledge that aims to (1) end fossil fuel subsidies, (2) put a price on carbon, and (3) support the development of a renewable energy plan for Canada. Hungry for Climate Leadership urges the Canadian government to take immediate action to help mitigate the climate change crisis.

Hungry for Climate Leadership is asking citizens of Canada to contact their government representatives and demand urgent action, especially for the elimination of all fossil fuel subsidies. The fasters will be on Parliament Hill from 9am to 6pm every day, and Ottawa residents are encouraged to lend their support and sign their petition.

For more information on the climate fast and to learn about other Hungry for Climate Leadership events happening around Ottawa, please visit: