BP drill projects now approved with no way to manage a disaster at sea!

It could happen here.Take Action RIGHT NOW to protect our oceans from oil and gas disaster.

In a slippery and convenient window of opportunity - just days before tabling legislation to “overhaul” hollowed-out environmental assessment from the Harper regime - the Trudeau government has just announced approval for up to seven BP drill well projects in our offshore waters, without a secure plan for clean-up should a disaster strike. Given the magnitude of risk with these projects, here's what you need to know about the major points of concern:

  1. BP can begin to drill as early as the spring. The leases where BP will be drilling are located 48 km from Sable Island National Park and 71 km from the Gully Marine Protected Area, home to the Northern bottlenose whale and deep-sea corals. 
  2. The Deepwater Horizon project happened when BP was drilling in approximately 1600 metres-deep water, 66 km from the coast of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico. Now, they want to do exploratory drilling in up to 3,000 m (3 km) of water hundreds of kilometres off the coast (between 230-350 km SW of Halifax). Too far from any emergency equipment if there is a blow out. 
  3. BP themslves estimate that it would take them upwards of 25 days to seal and cap a blown well, and worst-case, be uncontrollable for an entire month.
  4. In addition to grave concerns about readiness for capping wells, spill response may include using dispersants - chemicals that have been shown to harm marine life and threaten human health. And to add further contradiction, final say on the oil spill plan will go to the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board, which has a conflicting mandate to promote the oil industry!

Please send your letter below to the Prime Minister today expressing your deep concern about these risky drill projects in our offshore. 

Thank you for taking action to help protect our oceans and our coastal communities who rely on them.

Gretchen Fitzgerald - National Programs Director

Sierra Club Canada Foundation