MEDIA RELEASE: International opposition to BC fracking

When: 2pm, Weds Nov 10

Where: Zone D, outside cafeteria (Glasgow)

What: Activists from Canada, the US and Japan will publicly hold BC Env Minister George Heyman accountable for his failure to lead on climate or meaningfully address LNG subsidies and expansion.

Spokespeople are available for comment.


Activists from countries on both sides of the Pacific will join today united against the expansion and continued investment in fracked liquid natural gas (LNG) in British Columbia, Canada. While BC's environment minister George Heyman has been applauded for strong climate leadership at COP26 and has received two international awards, environmental advocates maintain that BC's climate action is far from adequate and is not in line with Canada's Paris Agreement commitments or the global 1.5 target.

Unprecedented climate impacts devastated BC this year, including a deadly heatwave that took over 600 lives, raging wildfires that burned an entire town to the ground, a tornado and flooding. 


Contact Sierra Club Canada for direct contact information with our representatives at the event in Glasgow: