Speaker of the House blocking emergency debate on the massive Arctic ice melt


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I'm on the bus writing about what happened in Parliament last Friday. I still can’t get the day out of my mind... Megan Leslie, NDP MP and Deputy Leader, called for an emergency debate in Parliament on the massive and frightening rapid ice melt in the Arctic this past summer.

Megan eloquently pointed out that the Arctic icecap is responsible for moderating the global climate, and without it we’re in a sea of trouble.

Hungry for Climate Leadership

Climate Fast on Parliament Hill

On Wednesday September 25, 2012, five members of Sierra Club Canada joined the group Hungry for Climate Leadership on Parliament Hill in solidarity with their 12-Day Fast for Climate Change (seven climate activists began their fast on September 21st and will continue to fast until October 2nd).

Leader of the Green Party of Canada Elizabeth May, who is fasting for five days in solidarity with the group, also came to show her support and sign the pledge that aims to (1) end fossil fuel subsidies, (2) put a price on carbon, and (3) support the development of a renewable energy plan for Canada. Hungry for Climate Leadership urges the Canadian government to take immediate action to help mitigate the climate change crisis.

Keep It Blue: Protecting Our Gulf from Oil Drilling

You are invited to attend this important community event about our Gulf of St. Lawrence.  Nova Scotia, particularly the North Shore, and western Cape Breton, is dependent on the Gulf for renewable jobs in tourism and the fishing industry. As residents, the Gulf is central to our way of life. 

The Gulf of St. Lawrence is a semi-landlocked, inland sea and breeding area for over 2,000 marine species who spawn, nurse and migrate year around. Because the Gulf’s waters only exchange with the Atlantic once a year due to its counterclockwise currents, a spill could wash up on the coastlines of all five Atlantic provinces over the course of a year.

Bill C-38 inflicts first significant blow to environmental justice in Canada

Dear Friend,

I am writing to let you know that, as a result of the new anti-environment Bill C-38 (the Bill we recently opposed and protested with our #BlackOutSpeakOut campaign), Sierra Club Canada has been forced to withdraw our application for a judicial review of the decision to allow 1600 tonnes of nuclear waste from Bruce Power Inc. to be shipped through the Great Lakes and on to Sweden without conducting an environmental assessment.