Mopping without water (at all!) -- 25 L /day Water Conservation Challenge (Day 7)

Mopping without water? Easy and effective. This might sound crazy but it's actually really straightforward, and my kitchen floor is squeaky clean right now. I use a microfibre mop cloth, which is great for a number of reasons. Mainly, it picks up and stores dirt naturally without spreading it all over your floor. Also, because it's a thin piece of cloth, you're mopping your floor with a damp textured cloth instead of a giant sponge in a bucket of water that will become dirty and potentially make a mess by getting too much water on the floor, you could spill it, etc. It's too bad the camera doesn't show how much cleaner I squirted on the floor; it was around 4 tablespoons or so. Not that much, really. (This is what I was using, but for those who are sensitive to smells, I'm sure it's possible to make. I'll have to look into that further.)