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Sierra Club Canada is putting out a Missing Persons Call for Jim Prentice and asking Canadians to submit a sighting report to track Jim’s actions to protect, or damage, Canada’s environment.

The Honorable Jim Prentice, appointed environment minister by Prime Minister Stephen Harper three months ago, appears to be held hostage by his former job as industry minister, while the duties of environment minister are left unfulfilled. 

Our latest sightings show him:

  • Minister Prentice announced the expansion of Nahanni National Park Reserve in southwest Northwest Territories. The National Park will now be roughly seven times bigger than it is now, and include virtually all of the South Nahanni River watershed. The Minister visited the Park in July 2009.
  • According to Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt, Jim moved funds earmarked for wind power to oil sands projects in the 2009 federal budget.
  • Jim was all across the boreal region of Canada, from Newfoundland and Labrador across to the Yukon, with his announcement from Ottawa in April. Environment Canada has thrown out world class leading edge scientific research that identified the need to protect critical habitat for Canada's Boreal Woodland Caribou..The panel of top scientists estimated that 30 of Canada's 57 woodland-caribou populations are no longer self-sustaining, and that we must better control industrial activity in Canada's boreal forest in order to save them from extinction. Instead, Jim and his department are proposing to do nothing until 2011, at which point they will propose a draft strategy for further consideration. Meanwhile federal tax dollars are subsidizing industrial destruction of Caribou habitat. Jim is protecting his industry friends instead of threatened species.
  • In April, while speaking on the Enbridge Gateway Pipeline cutting through the Rocky Mountains and about to enable tar sands oil super tanker traffic on British Columbia's still mainly pristine Central Coast, Jim Prentice (the Federal Minister for the Environment) said of future proposed developments: “It is a destination that will see us at the forefront of the industries where we currently excel, oil, natural gas, pipelines, hydro electricity and the orderly development of the oil sands.” Prentice went on to say “We will not aggravate an already weakening economy in the name of environmental progress.”
  • Jim announced new regulations that will eliminate environmental assessments for up to 2000 infrastructure projects --including new roads-- every year. He's demonstrating once again that he believes in bulldozing first and thinking later (maybe).
  • Jim got in on the luncheon meeting with President Obama when the President was in Ottawa. Jim and the Prime Minister wanted to sell the President on a North American climate treaty that would have turned over Canadian sovereignty on climate policy to the United States.

And we are on his trail. 

Despite pleas from environmental and industry groups, Prentice has not yet announced whether federal officials will continue to work with a multi-stakeholder forum to develop a national regulatory framework for smog.  Is this the first step to abandoning Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s April 2007 commitment to reduce smog emissions by 50 per cent by 2015?  We’ll be watching, to see if we can find Jim the environment minister.

We hope you’ll help us find Jim!

If you spot him, let us know by filing a sightings report!

You can also track his movements to see where he's been recently!

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