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The CANDU Court Case

In 1997, Sierra Club Canada took the Government of Canada to court in connection with the sale of CANDU nuclear reactors to China. Six years later, with the main arguments in the case still to be heard in the Federal Court of Canada, SCC was placed in a position where it had little choice but to drop the case. The links below provide background on the court case and the reasons behind the difficult decision not to proceed.

Chronology of events in the CANDU court case 

Why the CANDU Case was dropped

Documents filed with the Federal Court of Canada

Links to Federal Court of Canada materials related to the case

The Qinshan CANDU Deal: Subsidized Nuclear Exports and No Environmental Assessment

From the archives (January 1997): 10 Reasons Not to Sell CANDU Reactors to China

Background on issues associated with the use of nuclear power
(Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility)

Background on issues associated with the use of nuclear power
(Campaign for Nuclear Phaseout)

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