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Protecting Biodiversity

Biodiversity — otherwise known as the variety of life on Earth — is at risk.

Sierra Club of Canada works to protect Canada’s forests from unsustainable rates of logging and unacceptable logging practices.

Our oceans are at risk from over-fishing, oil and gas development and land-based pollution. Aquaculture operations cause increased pollution, as well as threatening wild fisheries with contamination from exotic species.

Endangered species require recovery strategies to bring them back from the brink of extinction. Sierra Club of Canada is committed to the long-term health of the planet’s terrestrial and ocean ecosystems and the people whose livelihood depends upon them.

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Threats to the Mackenzie Valley

Canada’s longest and possibly wildest river is threatened by the proposed Mackenzie Gas Project in the Northwest Territories. The Mackenzie Valley, home of the 1800 km long Mackenzie River, as well as the Mackenzie Delta, the world’s fourth largest arctic delta, will be transformed permanently if this project gets the go-ahead.

Forests, Climate Change and Carbon Reservoirs

A Sierra Club of Canada Discussion Paper

Forests affect and are affected by climate change in numerous ways. Forests, Climate Change and Carbon Reservoirs focuses on the potential role of forests in mitigating climate change through enhanced storage of carbon.

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