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Caribou Day on the Hill

What better day than Canada Day to celebrate an animal as Canadian as the quarter, and raise awareness about the need to protect its habitat? On Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Sierra Club of Canada members and friends declared themselves citizens of Caribou Nation!

The caribou is a living Canadian icon -- nature's very own Canadian Idol. From the Atlantic to the Pacific to the Arctic, various sub-species of caribou roam. Caribou have played an important role in sustaining Aboriginal cultures for millennia, by providing food and clothing as well as spiritual strength. For many Canadians, caribou are a symbol of wildness and abundance.

Yet across Canada, caribou are at risk. In the southern parts of Canada, industrial logging is decimating the intact and old-growth forests caribou need for their survival. Throughout caribou territory, mining, hydro dams and power corridors degrade habitat, leading to caribou decline. 

Our governments are failing to protect caribou habitat. In every province, in caribou habitat, industrial activity is moving ahead at full speed. Canada's caribou need the public to mobilize on their behalf.

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