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Consultation on Amending the List of Species under the Species at Risk Act

Environment Canada conducted consultations on the addition of 33 species to the SARA list from November 2005 to February 2006.   

Sierra Club of Canada, in collaboration with Nature Canada and the David Suzuki Foundation submitted the following comments to encourage the Minister of the Environment to base the listing of species on the scientific evaluations conducted by COSEWIC, not on socio-economic concerns.

Comments for species being considered for listing as Endangered:

American Chestnut

Blanding's Turtle, Nova Scotia population

Branched Phacelia

Dense Spike-primrose

Dense-flowered Lupine

Grand Coulee Owl-clover

Ottoe Skipper

Rusty Cord-moss

Spalding's Campion

White Flower Moth

White Meconella

Williamson's Sapsucker

Comments for species being considered for listing as Threatened:

Alkaline Wing-nerved Moss

Baikal Sedge

Blanding's Turtle, Great Lakes, St. Lawrence population

Cliff Paintbrush

Dwarf Lake Iris

Eastern Yellow-bellied Racer

False Rue-anemone

Hill's Thistle

Macoun's Meadowfoam

Mountain Holly Fern

Showy Phlox

Verna's Flower Moth

Comments for species being considered for listing as Special Concern:

Ancient Murrelet

Banded Cord-moss

Frosted Glass-whiskers, Nova Scotia population

Hill's Pondweed

Houghton's Goldenrod

Prototype Quillwort

Pygmy Pocket Moss

Swamp Rose-mallow

Western Yellow-bellied Racer


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