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International Program

Our Goal

To counteract environmental degradation by promoting conservation through strategies and projects focusing on the key factors that influence the national and international future of our natural assets.

As part of the Transition to a Sustainable Economy Program Area, the International Program seeks to work on environmental issues that transcend our borders and that are of priority to achieving global sustainable development. There are two projects in this Program:

Population and Environment Project

This project seeks to promote a better understanding of the relationship between environment and demographics.

Poverty Reduction for Environmental Conservation Project

A project that promotes an idea of microeconomic development centered on environmentally conscious activities that render income to the local communities, enabling them to meet their educational and health needs.

In support to these activities, the International Program also focuses on building partnerships with national and international institutions, as well as participating in consultations regarding Canada's role in development.

The GAIA Project

The GAIA Project envisages a world in which ecological integrity, social justice and universal compassion are the norm. A project of Sierra Club Canada – British Columbia Chapter, participants work toward their goal by modeling and promoting sustainable living through appropriate technologies.


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