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Vote-Canada 2004


The federal election was held on June 28th 2004. For election results, visit Elections Canada -

During the 2004 federal election campaign, Sierra Club of Canada surveyed federal political parties to find out where they stood on the environment. Party responses to SCC's detailed questionnaire can be read here.

SCC also released its "Eco-Olympics" report which identified candidates in the 2004 federal election who had demonstrated (or failed to demonstrate) a commitment to the environment.

Eco-Olympic Image

Eco-Olympic Award Recipients, Clifford Lincoln, Karen Kraft-Sloan
and Charles Caccia

Élections fédérales de 2004

Le Sierra Club du Canada veut savoir où se situent les partis politiques fédéraux sur les questions d’environnement. Nous avons envoyé un questionnaire détaillé aux partis politiques fédéraux pour le savoir.


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