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  1. Volunteer with Us

    Think Globally, Act Locally. Volunteers and volunteer leaders are the heart of the Ontario Chapter at Sierra Club of Canada Foundation. As a grassroots organization, we have limited full-time staff and are unable to cover all of the important issues facin ...

    2017-12-20 16:49

  2. Waste Diversion [Archived]

    The manner in which we deal with our ''waste" is a key part of the foundation of a sustainable world.  Isn't sustainability another word for balance? We must learn how to use the world's resources such as wood, rocks, metals and o ...

    2017-11-21 14:33

  3. Water Docs Schedule

    0KB Ontario Chapter ...

    2012-03-15 10:20

  4. We Marched for Jobs, Justice and the Climate- and made history!

    Anonymous's blog Written by: Alyssa Beurling This past Sunday over 10,000 people (some reports saying closer to 15,000) flooded Toronto to take a stand for climate justice and a green economy. The march began in Queen’s Park outside Ontario’s legisla ...

    2016-03-30 13:38

  5. We must close the Chicago waterways connections to keep Asian carp from taking over our Great Lakes and beyond before it is too late!

    The long awaited report from the US Army Corps of Engineers on how to keep Asian carp out of the Great Lakes has finally been released. The report evaluates the many waterways connecting the Mississippi River to Lake Michigan –all potential avenues to all ...

    2014-01-17 15:04

  6. We've Commented on Bill 66- The Proposed Great Lakes Protection Act, 2015

    The commenting period for the Proposed Great Lakes Protection Act (GLPA) is now closed but Sierra Club of Canada Foundation made a submission last week during the public hearings before the Standing Committee on General Government. Submission below: Bill ...

    2015-09-30 15:49

  7. We've Submitted a Response on the Great Lakes Protection Act!

    Anonymous's blog Official Submission to the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR): Sierra Club Ontario Chapter and the SCCF Great Lakes Committee support the GL Protection Act [GLPA] because the proposed legislation creates significant new legal and pol ...

    2015-05-12 11:54

  8. What’s In Your Water?

    Anonymous's blog By Alyssa Beurling The Town of Ajax sits along seven kilometres of beautiful and uninterrupted shoreline along the northern side of Lake Ontario, and for over 50 years now the Town’s Council has focused on creating an open, swimmable ...

    2014-10-24 11:15

  9. À Propos du Groupe Ontario

    English Au Sierra Club Ontario, notre travail est concentré sur la protection des écosystèmes des Grand Lacs, sur l’expansion et la protection de la « Greenbelt », et de promouvoir l’adoption de l’énergie verte en Ontario. Le groupe travaille aussi sur de ...

    2017-07-30 11:25