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  1. Pickering Airport/ Duffins Creek [Archived]

    Land in North Pickering was expropriated during the 1970's to be used as an airport. The plans were contested from the start and citizens stopped the original proposal. Now, thirty years later the issue has resurfaced. This time it is not only the la ...

    2017-11-21 14:32

  2. Coal Fire Plant Phase Out [Archived]

    In Ontario, coal power plants supply approximately 10% of the energy used to power factories, homes and businesses. However, the negative environmental effects of burning coal are well known: increasing CO2 and methane concentrations in the atmosphere and ...

    2017-11-21 14:32

  3. Waste Diversion [Archived]

    The manner in which we deal with our ''waste" is a key part of the foundation of a sustainable world.  Isn't sustainability another word for balance? We must learn how to use the world's resources such as wood, rocks, metals and o ...

    2017-11-21 14:33

  4. Forests and Wildlife [Archived]

    Canada's most important natural resource is its forests which provide timber, pulpwood, wildlife habitat and a wealth of recreational opportunities. But the forests are not limitless and all Canadians must share a renewed commitment to their wise use ...

    2017-11-23 12:59

  5. Environment and Diversity Program [Archived]

    Sierra Club Ontario (SCO) is a collaborative partner in the Environment and Diversity Project. The SCO is committed to enhancing diversity and inclusion within the organization and in our outreach. The E&D Project is an exciting four-year collaborativ ...

    2017-11-23 13:00

  6. Opposing the Detroit River International Crossing [Archived]

    The governments of Canada, the United States, Ontario and Michigan have come to the illogical conclusion that declining cross-border traffic requires a $5billion expenditure of public funds that will have a devastating impact upon Ontario's sensitive ...

    2017-11-23 13:01

  7. Peel Region Group

    Sierra Club Peel Group is a group of concerned citizens who volunteer their time to carry out environmental campaigns and conservation projects within the Peel Region. The group's aim is to educate and empower the residents of Peel to be defenders an ...

    2017-11-28 15:16

  8. Great Lakes- duplicate

    The Great Lakes hold 1/5th of the world’s fresh surface water and currently provide drinking water to over 42 million people.  The Great Lakes Campaign works to address concerns related to the Great Lakes Basin, water conservation, and pollution preventio ...

    2017-12-14 15:40

  9. Green Energy

    email facebook linkedin twitter google+ pinterest The main objective of Sierra Club Ontario’s Green Energy Campaign is to replace dirty fossil fuels and nuclear power by mobilizing grassroots activists in local communities to advocate for the transition t ...

    2018-04-20 19:33