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  1. Minister of Finance Morneau announces funding support for Upper Great Lakes water levels

      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE OTTAWA-- The federal government tabled a new budget Tuesday acknowledging long standing concerns about water levels in the Great Lakes and providing hope for resolution. "It's gratifying that, the Canadian Government is m ...

    2016-03-23 20:17

  2. 1400+ sign open letter urging the federal and provincial Ministers of Natural Resources to veto oil and gas exploration in the Gulf of St. Lawrence as deadline nears

    In response to the deafening silence from the federal and provincial Ministers of Natural Resources, Sierra Club Canada Foundation has lead one final effort to bring forward the concerns of Canadians, experts, and environmental groups.  We have gathered t ...

    2017-01-13 11:17

  3. Oil exploration licence at Old Harry- Enviro groups sue over drilling in Gulf of St. Lawrence

    The Gulf of St. Lawrence, home to thousands of species, with robust fishing and tourism industries as well as Indigenous harvest must be protected from risky oil exploration, groups say. TORONTO – Environmental groups took legal action today against the r ...

    2017-05-17 12:59

  4. BP Offshore Drill Project Approval Points to Need for Reform, According to Sierra Club Canada Foundation

    email facebook linkedin twitter google+ pinterest OTTAWA- Sierra Club Canada Foundation is disappointed, but not surprised, that Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna approved up to seven exploratory drill wells for BP off Nova Scotia yesterday. ...

    2018-02-03 11:42

  5. CNSOPB Public Engagement A Sham – Offshore Alliance

    email facebook linkedin twitter google+ pinterest MARCH 5, 2018 (Lunenburg, N.S.) – The Offshore Alliance says a so-called 'public engagement exercise' by the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board (CNSOPB) was totally inadequate and is hap ...

    2018-03-05 07:46

  6. The Gulf is Dying

    email facebook linkedin twitter google+ pinterest Gretchen Fitzgerald's blog On Monday, February 25th, we will be in court arguing that the licence to drill in the  Gulf  of St. Lawrence is illegal. Given the  no-holds-barred promotion of oil and gas ...

    2019-02-25 20:21